Welcome to the FC Comets Hitchin website

FC Comets - Management Team

Chairman - Chris White

Vice Chairman - Jam Makins

Secretary - Laurence Bichener

Treasurer - Jon Lowe

Covid-19 officer - Rob Hook

Club Welfare Officer - Emma Johnstone

Registration Secretary - Ian Sealy

Webmaster - Dean Fox

The Team
All of the Management Team and Coaches put in a significant amount of effort to maintain the club's friendly and fun ethos and they welcome feedback of any sort that might help improve any aspect of the clubs operation. Click on any name above to email a memeber of the team.

Child Welfare
The club places the utmost importance on the the safety and welfare of the club’s players and will deal with any concerns you have about our club, our opponents clubs or for that matter any other club. We therefore have a dedicated Child Welfare Officer who will happily address any concerns you may have.

How to Contact FC Comets...
If you are interested in finding out more information about FC Comets Hitchin Youth Football Club, or are perhaps considering signing your boys and girls up for one of our soccer teams, please feel free to contact any of the above by clicking on the name. Alternatively, please contact the managers/coaches detailed on each of the team home pages.